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NeoScum is a future-fantasy comedy podcast featuring five Chicago improvisers antagonizing their way through the roleplaying classic, Shadowrun. It follows a group of misfits and outsiders: a chromehead decker, a teenage candy-junky klepto, a kid's show wizard with a petulant thirst for adventure, and the nastiest trucker this side of the robo-Mason-Dixon. Join the irascible NeoScum crew as they make their way across a strange but familiar America in 2077, doling out street justice to every deeb they encounter – whether they deserve it or not.

NeoScum is Blair Britt, Mike Migdall, Gannon Reedy, Eleni Sauvageau, and Casey Toney. Check out NeoScum on Twitter (@NeoScum), Reddit (r/NeoScum), and at

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    Ep 48: Pinch Hitter (w/ Meredith Stepien)

    Merinway came to the NeoScum hoping to learn a thing or two. I doubt this was it. (Featuring Meredith Stepien as Merinway!)


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    Ep 47: Ride Along (w/ Meredith Stepien)

    Fresh blood, fresh duds, fresh buds, same ol' NeoScum. (Featuring Meredith Stepien as Merinway!)


  3. Thumb 1556006665 artwork

    Ep 46: Rear View

    Keep your eyes on the road a little too long and you might not notice what's there in the rear view.


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    NeoScum: Civil War ("Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" Live Comedy Game Show!)

    <> SPECIAL RELEASE <> Live from the ComedySportz theater in Chicago, the cast of NeoScum divides for an all-out brawl of deception and dumbfuckery as they participate in the Let Sleeping Dogs Lie live comedy game show!

    The topic: X-Files. The teams: Clueless. The times: Good.


  5. Thumb 1553553854 artwork

    Ep 45: Parking Attendant Pt. 2

    This is how people act when they're okay and everything is fine.


  6. Thumb 1552378355 artwork

    Ep 44: Bad Lot

    It's another long way in to a new locale for the NeoScum, but maybe some broken normalcy is just what they need. Meanwhile, across the country, inevitabilities arise.


  7. Thumb 1551229977 artwork

    The NeoScum Best of 2018 Special: Get Hits, Get Back Up

    For newcomers and old Scummers alike, this compilation of some of 2018's best moments is packed to the brim with laughs, tears, and ass-rippin' action. Prepare for a screaming wild whirlwind only NeoScum can deliver.

    NEW LISTENERS: For the best experience, visit for a primer on the world and characters of NeoScum!

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    Ep 43: New Year, New Mexico

    Dak cashes in on a decades-old offer and leads the crew to a place unlike anything they've seen. It's a new year for us and a new day for the NeoScum.


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    NeoScum LIVE! (Gen Con 2018)

    In celebration of the new year, the NeoScum live show from Gen Con 2018 is now available to all!

    In the first narrative episode of 2018, Episode 22: The Hole and The Hawk, the crew chose not to "go in the hole" leading, mysteriously, to structures beneath the earth of the Denver outskirts. Listen now as the cast explores a true WHAT IF scenario, rewriting history to discover What's In The Hole, and What Lies Beyond.

    Don't forget to order your NeoScum Valentine at and to tweet moments you'd like included in the NeoScum Best of 2018 with the hashtag #neoscum2018!


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    The NeoScum Valentine: How I Joined The Lonely Scummers Club and Got Super Friggin Hot and Cool

    The NeoScum Valentine is a one-of-a-kind limited edition collection of brand new original content by the cast, delivered straight to your door or inbox on February 14th.

    Available directly through, orders for the physical and digital NeoScum Valentine are only open for a few weeks, so lock yours in now before it's gone forever! There’s no telling what surprises the NeoScum Valentine holds — and only one way to find out.

    REMINDER: The previously Patreon-exclusive GenCon 2018 NeoScum Live Show is releasing Tuesday 1/15 on the main feed for all, followed by the Best of 2018 episode on Tuesday 1/29, before returning to new narrative episodes in February.

    Help us construct the Best of 2018 highlight episode by tweeting your favorite NeoScum moments of 2018 (anything from Ep 22 — Ep 42, including the Live Show) with the hashtag #neoscum2018 !


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    Ep 42: With Friends Like These

    The NeoScum have touched a lot of lives these past two weeks (in-game time). In this episode, they aim to touch back.

    // Expand show notes for more //

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    Ep 41: A Few Good Boys (w/ Jonah Cooper)

    The crew's well-deserved rest is disturbed by an enigmatic entryway; sleep isn't in the cards when there's a mystery to sniff out. Will secrets unearthed bring the clarity they seek? Or, somehow, just like... even MORE confusion?

    // Expand show notes for more //

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    Ep 40: Hounds of Hell (w/ Jonah Cooper)

    These old dogs need a break to lick their wounds and rest their heads. And who else but Dak knows just the guy to help. But when they meet a stranger seeking the same man (for different reasons) things get... complicated.

    NeoScum is Blair Britt, Mike Migdall, Gannon Reedy, Eleni Sauvageau, and Casey Toney.

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    Ep 39: Cops & Dragons*

    *this episode of NeoScum may or may not feature any cops and/or dragons

    NeoScum is Blair Britt, Mike Migdall, Gannon Reedy, Eleni Sauvageau, and Casey Toney.

    // Expand show notes for more //

  15. Thumb 1540312681 artwork

    Ep 38: Chaos Take The Wheel

    After escaping hell with embers on their ass, the NeoScum crew takes a minute to decompress and plan their next move. And who better to make the call than that ol' sick sonuvabitch, Fate.

    NeoScum is Blair Britt, Mike Migdall, Gannon Reedy, Eleni Sauvageau, and Casey Toney.

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    Ep 37: Hell and Back, Pt. 2

    You don't leave Hell without confronting some demons.

    The brand new NeoScum Shop is now open at!

    For the chance to win a $10 shop credit, Tweet using the hashtag #listentoNeoScum by October 11th at 11:59pm CDT. The winners will be announced via Twitter on #NeoScumFriday, the 12th.

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  17. Thumb 1537853889 artwork

    Ep 36: Hell and Back, Pt. 1

    Minutes in Hell can feel like a lifetime, and it only takes a second to die.

    [The first of two parts.]

  18. Thumb 1536679209 artwork

    NeoScum Gaiden: Devil GRLs, Pt. 1 (New Game+)

    The first episode of NeoScum Gaiden: Devil GRLs, released from the Patreon, featuring a brand new introduction and additional clips from Devil GRLs Pt 2, Pt 3, and the NeoScum Live Show at the end! Original show notes:

    Think you have what it takes to be a Devil GRL? Chrome wheeled, fuel injected and steppin' out over the line- our four Devil GRLs are fresh off a job and looking for some grub to go with their Milk Run.

  19. Thumb 1535606947 artwork

    Ep 35: Whimpers and Bangs

    All things end. Big and small, old and new, material and immaterial. One way or another.

  20. Thumb 1534221738 artwork

    Ep 34: Bend or Break

    On the road again but coming on dry, Xanadu maneuvers through the Rockies, wringing out every last drop. Meanwhile, the crew maneuvers some mountains of their own: relationships, ransoms, and... recuperations.

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  22. Thumb 1531811074 artwork

    Ep 33: Rest For The Wicked (w/ Corie Anderson)

    Venturing deep into the wilderness of Blister's domain, the four friends find their demons in the darkness. The past may grasp and the future growl but the present, at least, is rest. For now.

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    Ep 32: Bring It In (w/ Corie Anderson)

    The NeoScum come face-to-face with a hermit of the woods, not too pleased by the chaos they've wrought. But when the cold stranger offers a hand for nothing in return, the battered and bloody crew has to decide whether their trust is worth a good night's (much needed) rest.

    Featuring Corie Anderson as Blister.

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  24. Thumb 1529375636 artwork

    Ep 31: Do Not Disturb

    If there's one thing the NeoScum should know by now, it's a closed hotel door don't mean much in future-fantasy America. Sooner or (much, much) later, trouble comes a knockin'.

  25. Thumb 1528182196 artwork

    Ep 30: Neo Vacancy

    Fleeing Denver like a bat out of hell, the NeoScum break at a hideaway hotel. What could possibly go wrong?

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    Ep 29: Time's Up

    With the clock ticking on one of their own, the NeoScum make a quick and desperate attempt at recovery before the wolves close in.

  27. Thumb 1524793436 artwork
  28. Thumb 1523337966 artwork

    Ep 27: Ursa Mayhem (w/ Rashawn Scott)

    It's Scummer Season in the Denver hunting grounds if the crew doesn't find a way out quick. But things are looking up for our prey -- thanks to a predator's helping paw.

    Featuring Rashawn Scott as Barft Vada.

  29. Thumb 1522212611 artwork

    Ep 26: Hell To Pay

    Hunted and exposed, the crew finds refuge in the dragon's temple. But no holy place is hidden when they're home; Devils always come a-knockin' for NeoScum.

  30. Thumb 1520959963 artwork

    Ep 25: Rude Awakening

    The NeoScum are finally back together, but a dream reunion turns into a series of nightmares.

  31. Thumb 1519719547 artwork

    Ep 24: The Long Way In

    It's a long way to get where you're going in the urban labyrinth of The Denver Cube. Whether you're moving too fast or standing too still, you're bound to get lost -- one way or another. The NeoScum prove they're no exception.

  32. Thumb 1519110893 artwork

    One Shot Crossover - NeoScum Prequel Pt. 5

    Part 5 of the NeoScum prequel arc originally released as part of the One Shot podcast. Featuring James D'Amato as Lance Jouster and Kat Kuhl as Van Ghoul. Hosting and editing courtesy of James D'Amato and the One Shot podcast.

    ORIGINAL SHOW NOTES: Dak, Tech, Lance, and Van have been tasked with dropping a suspicious artifact into an abandoned building by The Red Vale. Although the money is good everything else seems really bad. Can they do the right thing without making a huge mess?

  33. Thumb 1519110851 artwork

    One Shot Crossover - NeoScum Prequel Pt. 4

    Part 4 of the NeoScum prequel arc originally released as part of the One Shot podcast. Featuring James D'Amato as Lance Jouster and Kat Kuhl as Van Ghoul. Hosting and editing courtesy of James D'Amato and the One Shot podcast.

    ORIGINAL SHOW NOTES: Dak, Tech, Lance, and Van unearth their payment for their unusual job. There are a few details that don’t sit right but is it enough to make them reconsider the life of a Shadowrunner?

  34. Thumb 1519110587 artwork

    One Shot Crossover - NeoScum Prequel Pt. 3

    Part 3 of the NeoScum prequel arc originally released as part of the One Shot podcast. Featuring James D'Amato as Lance Jouster and Kat Kuhl as Van Ghoul. Hosting and editing courtesy of James D'Amato and the One Shot podcast.

    ORIGINAL SHOW NOTES: Slag continues to hit the fan as a job that was too good to be true turns into a nightmare. Lance, Dak, and Tech fight for their lives against gangers who have been mutated to posses insectoid features. Meanwhile, Van Gouhl is forced to listen in horror as she watches to ensure nothing worse is on the way.

  35. Thumb 1519110394 artwork

    One Shot Crossover - NeoScum Prequel Pt. 2

    Part 2 of the NeoScum prequel arc originally released as part of the One Shot podcast. Featuring James D'Amato as Lance Jouster and Kat Kuhl as Van Ghoul. Hosting and editing courtesy of James D'Amato and the One Shot podcast.

    ORIGINAL SHOW NOTES: Tensions run high as our unlikely team of runners grow frustrated with the mysterious job they received from dark movers. Lance struggles to reconcile his vision of Dak Rambo with the actual person, and Tech Wizard anxiously tries to earn his place on the team.

  36. Thumb 1519110105 artwork

    One Shot Crossover - NeoScum Prequel Pt. 1

    Part 1 of the NeoScum prequel arc originally released as part of the One Shot podcast. Featuring James D'Amato as Lance Jouster and Kat Kuhl as Van Ghoul. Hosting and editing thanks to James D'Amato and the One Shot podcast.

    ORIGINAL SHOW NOTES: In 2077, Chicago is a sprawling broken city infested with bug spirits and populated by desperate mercs known as Shadowrunners. A group of unlikely allies are called in for a job with few details and a high payout. Will they score big or frag out?

  37. Thumb 1517997851 artwork

    Ep 23: Terms of Agreement

    Xanadu takes a breather in the hands of an old (young) friend as the crew ventures into the tendril-like alleyways of "Kowloon 2", the sprawling shadowed labyrinth known as The Denver Cube.

  38. Thumb 1516914894 artwork

    Ep 22: The Hole and The Hawk

    The Heavens and Hell are full. Over-occupied with mysteries and hostilities, the NeoScum have no place in either.

    But the road? The road belongs to NeoScum.

  39. Thumb 1515508251 artwork

    The NeoScum Best of 2017 Special: Shut Up and Roleplay the Hits

    What a wild ride its been this past year in the future-fantasy world of NeoScum.

    For new listeners and old fans alike, have one last go around the best bits of 2017 in this outrageously funny (and surprisingly moving) NeoScumpilation.

  40. Thumb 1514886400 artwork

    The NeoScum Announcement Special

    It's the moment you've been waiting for: The NeoScum Announcement Special is here!

    The NeoScum Best Of 2017 clip show releases January 9th. You can find more narrative NeoScum in the prequel story currently releasing as part of the One Shot podcast.

  41. Thumb 1513889007 artwork

    Ep 21: Trouble Behind

    Just cause trouble's behind you doesn't mean its gone. The gang's reminded of this the hard way -- as usual -- but, when it comes to NeoScum, trouble might wanna watch its back too.

  42. Thumb 1512492655 artwork

    Ep 20: The Come Down

    Like a hot hit of Crange, sometimes something makes you feel good just enough to miss it when it's gone. It's a dark dawn on that lonesome highway, and only one exit ahead: Denver.

  43. Thumb 1511242083 artwork

    The NeoScum Neopets Special

    Here it is, you animals. In celebration of 100 reviews, as promised, the cast shifts gears and plays a session in the Neopets universe. And yes, it's (somehow) canon.

  44. Thumb 1510062391 artwork

    Ep 19: Night Shift

    ​Xanadu cuts through the dark and away from danger, stopping at one of Dak’s old stomping grounds. Inside, the NeoScum are faced with a number of life-altering discoveries. What's that scent on the air? Is it... hope? It also kinda smells like two different people's sweat. Weird.

  45. Thumb 1508961000 artwork

    Ep 18: Open Sesame

    The crew wraps up some unfinished business before the long road west -- but what's a road without a road block? Tech makes a discovery in an unlikely place. The NeoScum fight to play their part pitch perfect. All that and more on this rockin' installment of NeoScum!

  46. Thumb 1508961339 artwork

    The NeoScum & Friends Good Vibes Variety Hour

    Your friends at NeoScum take a break from their regularly scheduled programming and bring you a delightful mix of comedy and drama, song and sketch, outtakes and oldies, crudeness and more crudeness. Buckle up for a roller coaster of entertainment in The NeoScum & Friends Good Vibes Variety Hour!

  47. Thumb 1506430952 artwork

    Ep 17: Raw Deal

    Alive but in pieces, Max and the gang grapple with a life-changing choice. Back on the road, Dak engages in meetings of the mind. All that and more on today’s NeoScum: best podcast this side of the Mississip’.

  48. Thumb 1505223347 artwork

    Ep 16: Quarter To Dead

    The clock is ticking and a sister's kid's life hangs in the balance. New friends and old foes await in this bloody race against time.

  49. Thumb 1504616684 artwork

    The PP Collection - Pt. I

    A world even more astounding and unexpected than Shadowrun is the magical world of PPs. These fascinating creatures dwell within the (mostly) cut content of adventure comedy podcasts and feast on the frustrations of Game Masters. Venture into the dark though carefree lives of these peculiar beings in Part 1 of this NeoScum-exclusive special: The PP Collection.

  50. Thumb 1504138510 artwork
  51. Thumb 1502802683 artwork

    Ep 14: Rhon Away With Me (w/ Stephen Kropa)

    The gang finds refuge on neutral grounds where Dak reunites with a figure from his past. It's high noon at the Blood Gulch Hideaway! Pour yourself a drink and enjoy the show.

  52. Thumb 1501593201 artwork

    Ep 13: No Looking Back

    The crew makes one last stop in Peoria before hitting the open road, forgetting that sometimes the road hits back. Pasts and futures converge, a reminder that you can't leave history behind -- but it's never stopped a Scummer.

  53. Thumb 1500382882 artwork

    Ep 12: Retail Therapy

    Destination: Los Angeles! But before they hit the open road, the NeoScum make a pit stop in Peoria. Shopping, shenanigans, and ShadowFUN awaits!

  54. Thumb 1508963801 artwork

    Ep 11: Born To Run

    The crew embarks on another Wild. Child. Ride.

    (Editor's note: the first 9 minutes are just the tiniest bit garbled, but after that it's SMOOTH SAILING 😎👍)

  55. Thumb 1508963659 artwork

    Ep 10: Lights, Camera, Magic!

    It's Tech Wizard's big break but, after recent events, it may just break him. Can TW keep it together in front of Neo-Hollywood Golden Boy Grant Junctal? Meanwhile, an old friend pays Dak a visit.

  56. Thumb 1508963567 artwork

    Ep 9: To The Limit

    The Scummers, exhausted and disheartened, resort to drastic measures to defeat their foes and escape the pursuing horde. Murder, death, drugs, euphoria, revelation... who knew so much could happen in three minutes?

  57. Thumb 1508963494 artwork

    Ep 8: Appointment With Destiny

    What's better than money? Fame. Dirty, nasty fame. Tech Wizard jumps at an opportunity that sees the gang back on the road to Chicago... but the highway north holds a nasty surprise -- and we ain't talking about the toll booths!


  58. Thumb 1508963322 artwork

    Ep 7: Walking The Edge

    A simple meeting with Kannabis Jak goes awry as the Death Racer's swanky compound is compromised by a mysterious force. The 'scummers must fight or flight for their lives before the bodies hit the floor.

  59. Thumb 1508963180 artwork

    Ep 6: Kannabis Jak

    Hungry for adventure after a taste of the limelight, the crew gears up for an authentic Indianapolis Death Race. But if you're gonna do a Death Race, you gotta meet a real Death Racer. Enter... Kannabis Jak.

  60. Thumb 1508962673 artwork

    Ep 5: We Are NeoScum

    In the aftermath of their last mission, the gang's identity begins to solidify. But is it one to be proud of? Moral quandaries will be faced, NPCs will be antagonized, and the NeoScum will be visited by the ghosts of their past.

  61. Thumb 1508962088 artwork

    Ep 4: Fight Night

    The gang has written a big check by taking on the identities of underground pit fighters, and now it's time to cash that check. It's FIGHT NIGHT out in the corn fields and it's KILL or BE KILLED.

  62. Thumb 1508961846 artwork

    Ep 3: Lil Marco

    Riding high off a successful first job, the ragtag group of outsiders decides to stick together. With friends you can do anything. Until you meet a man with even bigger friends.

  63. Thumb 1508961392 artwork

    Ep 2: Ctrl Actions

    With the common ground of absurdity between them, the gang tries their hand at subterfuge as they attempt to infiltrate a shadowy business complex without drawing the attention of the law. Or perhaps by drawing too much?

  64. Thumb 1508960474 artwork

    Ep 1: Darkmovers

    America, 2077. Well, something like it, anyway.

    The future has awoken a new world of science and magic. Corporations make the rules and 'Shadowrunners' break em, doing the kind of work that you can't mention on a tax return. In Indianapolis, four outsiders meet and accept a job they aim to finish... if they ever get around to it.

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